Awards & Press

“Squares” – Best Cinematograph – Ouchy Film Awards 2017
“The Man With Four Legs” – Best Feature Film – The Thin Line Film Festival 2016
“Mrs Kaye” – Best Cinematography – Durham Film Festival 2015
“Mrs Kaye” – Best Film – The Ayr International Short Film Festival 2015
“Cinnamon” – Audience Award – Utah Arts Festival 2015
“The Quiet Zone” – Best Short Film – British Horror Film Festival 2015
“Tiger Bell / Don’t Wanna Hear About Your Band” – Music video of the year – Swedish Metro Magazine 2013
“Benny Loves Killing” – Best Horror Film – The Oregon Independent Film Festival 2013
“Benny Loves Killing” – Best Foreign Language Film – Pollygrind Film Festival 2013
“Swiss Sales Pitch” – Best Corporate Marketing Film – Edi. 2013

“The Quiet Zone” – Best Cinematography 2016 – Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest
“Cinnamon” – Best Cinematography June 2015 – TMFF
“Benny Loves Killing” – Best Feature Film 2013 – 60 Degrees North Festival


“The cinematography is the indisputable star of this film. Markus A. Ljungberg paints the screen with veritable works of moving art. He is able to create a sense of serenity and comfort unseen in a very long time. He makes photographic art of the most mundane objects, and renders decrepit locations graceful and refined. Ljungberg‘s inventiveness, combined with the depiction of James by [Simon] Dobson, is a refreshing, celebratory example of what film should strive to be.”
Amyana Bartley, Film Inquiry on The Man With Four Legs

“It is a film that is very in touch with every sense you could ever imagine encountering, from its lush scenery shots to its artistic displays.”
Krystal Jimenez on The Man With Four Legs

“Shot through with gorgeous attention to detail in imagery and colour.”
Synergomatique on Look at Me Now

“It can be stated right from the start that this film is technically adept, masterfully shot and uses blindingly beautiful colour; Benny Loves Killing is one hell of a picturesque indie film.”
Amy Priest, Way Too Indie on Benny Loves Killing

“Visually stunning… Benny Loves Killing is a winning piece of Indie film making and we’re sure one that will continue to gain recognition as such.”
Katie-Jane Hall, The London Film Review on Benny Loves Killing

“There are hundreds of independent films that are released every year and the majority of them are genuine attempts to push the boundaries of cinematography. Benny Loves Killing does exactly that…”
Tuppence Magazine on Benny Loves Killing